Kevin Smith Brings Back Mooby's Pop-Up Restaurant for San Diego Comic-Con

Filmmaker and geek icon Kevin Smith is bringing Mooby's, the fictional fast-food chain from the "Askewniverse," to Comic Con International in San Diego next month. The pop-up will take place at the Tin Roof (401 G Street in San Diego), and will offer both standard and vegan options for fast-food aficionados. The joint will be open from July 21-24 (11am-7pm daily Thursday-Saturday; 11am-3pm on Sunday), and Smith has tapped Thrillist's #1 plant-based meat, Unreal Deli, to provide the vegan options all week long. Smith himself has also created a mystery vegan menu item, which will be on the menu alongside options like burgers and cheesesteak. 

The Mooby's pop-up, which has already appeared in numerous cities and even been able to order via food kits by Goldbelly, features theming to mimic the film version of the restaurant and allows fans to buy exclusive Mooby's merch onsite.

If you're going to be at Comic Con (or just live nearby and are willing to brave the crowds), you can book your timeslot now for $30. Each ticket includes a Mooby's Meal with your selections of a Moo Main + Salt Lick Side. Mooby's Soda, Mooby's Chronic Con Beer, additional salt lick side items, desserts, and new merchandise will also be available for purchase at the pop-up.

Fans can purchase up to four tickets online, but if you've got a bigger group, that's not a dealbreaker: walk-ins will also be welcome at the con.

Tickets are also available now for several live podcast recordings the week of the convention, which will be taking place in the evenings at the Mooby's Pop-Up at Tin Roof. The Unofficial SDCC Blog did a great job of rounding up the official write-ups of each, as well as links for tickets, which you can see below. Tickets will be limited, as the venue has about a 150-200 seat capacity.

Fat Man Beyond — Thursday, July 21 at 8pm PT

Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin are bringing you all the pop culture news thats fit to print on the verge of San Diego Comic Con! Tickets are $30 and available now.

Jay & Silent Bob Get Old — Friday, July 22 at 7pm PT
Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes sit down in the wake of San Diego Comic-Con to talk about fun stuff for fans to look forward to. Have some good, clean fun while getting filthy with this pair of foul-mouthed middle-aged hetero-lifemates! Tickets are $30 and available now.

Clerks, Too — Friday, July 22 at 9pm PT
Are you excited for Clerks III? Clerks, Too is here to scratch that itch in the meantime! Watch Kevin Smith joins forces with a bunch of Quick Stop counter jockeys to chat about the forthcoming flick LIVE at Mooby's Pop-Up in San Diego! Tickets are $30 and available now.

Hollywood Babble-On — Saturday, July 23 at 9pm PT
Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman are spilling all the piping hot Hollywood tea LIVE at the Mooby's Pop-Up in San Diego! Tickets are $30 and available now.