Kinder Bueno Giving Away Gas Money For Late Summer Road Trips

With July (pretty much) over, we're heading into the very end of summer and that means it's time for those late summer road trips. Except this year, gas prices have been dramatically higher than normal, something that for many is putting a hamper on just regular every day driving, not to mention those often eagerly anticipated weekend summer getaways. Now, however, Kinder Bueno is trying to sweeten things up a bit by giving away gas money — and chocolate — for those looking to hit the open road as summer wanes. The brand recently announced their Summer Gets Bueno campaign, a part of their ongoing "Life Gets Bueno" campaign, giving away gas money and other goodies this summer.

While the brand hosted in person events in New York earlier this week, for those who live outside New York, now through August 11th chocolate fans can go to a special website here to enter to win a number of fun summer prizes, including a $50 Kinder Bueno gas gift card, a cooler, a tumbler, and other prizes as well.

"Nothing says summer like a road trip with friends and family, however, these days that can come with a hefty price tag," Shalini Stansberry, Vice President of Marketing, Kinder Snacking said in a statement. "That is why we launched 'Summer Gets Bueno' as part of our ongoing 'Life Gets Bueno' campaign, to help people get where they need to go and to savor their summer road trips by taking crispy, creamy Kinder Bueno along for the ride. With one chocolatey bite of Kinder Bueno, the journey is sure to be extraordinary."

The "Summer Gets Bueno" giveaway isn't the only news from Ferrero recently, either. It was also recently announced that the Nutella brand has launched the "Breakfast Across America" collection, a limited-edition line of Nutella jars that not only feature different major landmarks, but detailed breakfast recipes from the region those landmarks are in. You can read more about that campaign here and, who knows, maybe it will give you some inspiration for where to take your next road trip if you're one of the lucky gift card winners.

Kinder Bueno's "Summer Gets Bueno" giveaway is open through August 11th. You can enter and find out more about the giveaway here.

Are you taking any road trips this summer? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!