Nutella Celebrates "Breakfast Across America" With New Limited Edition Collection

As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day but when it comes to breakfast, what people like to kick off their days with can vary from place to place. Even within different parts of the United States, breakfast can look very different with seemingly everyone having their go-to of choice. Now, however, Nutella is celebrating the wide variety of breakfast favorites across America with the release of their new, limited edition "Breakfast Across America" jars collection that not only features different major landmarks, but detailed breakfast recipes from the region the landmark is in.

"Nutella is all about breakfast and we hope these regional recipes inspire families to create new special breakfast memories this summer," shares Endri Shtylla, Marketing Director, Nutella® at Ferrero U.S.A. "Whether you want to make a Beignet inspired by New Orleans or Blueberry Pancakes from Portland, "Breakfast Across America" has something for everyone to enjoy."

As for those special jars, there are some interesting locations and pairings. Some are a bit expected — there's plenty of toast options with Nutella — but there are some that you might not have considered, like Empanadas and Nutella from Santa Fe, NM, for example. You can check out a full list of the 16 special jars below and you can learn more about the collection and recipes here.

1  Kenai Fjords, AK: Lingonberry Muffins + Nutella

2  San Francisco, CA: Sourdough Toast + Nutella

3  Portland, ME: Blueberry Pancakes + Nutella

4  New Orleans, LA: Beignets + Nutella

5  Mackinac Island, MI: Pannakakku Pancakes + Nutella

6  Miami Beach, FL: Breakfast Tostada + Nutella

7  Kauai, HI: Hawaiian Sweet Bread + Nutella

8  Pikes Peak, CO: Breakfast Burrito + Nutella

9  New York City, NY: Bagels + Nutella

10 Napa Valley, CA: Acai Bowl + Nutella

11 Glacier Park, MT: Fry Bread + Nutella

12 Chicago, IL: Breakfast Pizza + Nutella

13 Lake Tahoe, NV: Sheepherder Bread + Nutella

14 Crater Lake, OR: Dutch Baby Pancakes + Nutella

15 Santa Fe, NM: Empanadas + Nutella

16 Niagara Falls, NY: English Muffins + Nutella

Interestingly, Nutella's "Breakfast Across America" comes just as all things food are starting to look ahead to fall and breakfast. Coffee Mate is teaming up with Toll House for a new Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Creamer to sweeten up that morning cup of coffee, and we're just a few weeks away from all things pumpkin spice starting to make their ways back to store shelves and breakfast as well.

There have even been reports that Frute Brute is coming back to the Monster Cereal lineup this fall.

The Nutella "Breakfast Across America" collection is available now for a limited time nationwide.