Little Caesars Now Has Stuffed Crazy Bread

Crazy Bread has long been a staple of the menu at Little Caesars, with the melty, buttery, garlic bread serving as the perfect side to the pizzas the chain offers. Now, the Detroit-based pizza place is launching the next step in the evolution of the side dish by stuffing it to the brim with gooey mozzarella cheese. The company announced the new item in a statement on Monday, confirming it'd be available for a limited time at participating locations in the United States.

"Since its debut in 1982, Crazy Bread's popularity has grown to reach a nearly iconic status," Little Caesars marketing boss Jeff Klein said in a statement. "That's why we think Crazy Bread is the perfect platform to be stuffed with other craveable ingredients for the ultimate complement to our pizza."

little caesars stuffed crazy bread
(Photo: Little Caesars)

The company makes sure to point out the fact that so much Crazy Bread is purchased each year, you circle the planet three times if you lined up each piece back to back. "Crazy Bread is prepared using dough made from scratch in-store each day to create the perfect texture and flavor," the chain says in its statement. "Sticks of freshly baked bread are topped with flavors of butter and garlic, then sprinkled with Parmesan cheese to create one of Little Caesars most popular menu items. And Little Caesars then went above and beyond by stuffing its original crazy bread recipe with gooey cheese. Stuffed crazy bread takes the legendary side item to new heights."

At the same time, Little Caesars also announced it'd be selling large pizzas for the next week at just $3.99 if you order online and for delivery.


The chain didn't say exactly just how limited the stuffed Crazy Bread will be available.

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