Most Stuff Oreos are Totally Coming Back

the cookies are finally returning once again.Junk food social media has been set ablaze by the [...]

most stuf oreos
(Photo: Nabisco)

First, it was the Double Stuf OREO and then the Mega Stuf. Then, somewhere within the bowels of Nabisco HQ, one mad scientist concocted the Most Stuf OREO, featuring the single-most creme ever seen in an OREO cookie. After a brief hiatus from stores, Nabisco has confirmed (via Delish) the cookies are finally returning once again.

Junk food social media has been set ablaze by the news after the cookie manufacturer apparently had the items on hand at the National Association of Convenience Stores Expo in Atlanta this week. The cookies were initially first introduced this year for a limited time before being yanked from shelves.

It's unclear how long they'll be available this time around or when they'll hit stores again, for that matter. Some food Instagrammers are suggesting they'll drop sometime at the beginning of 2020. A 13.4oz. package of the cookies was available at Walmart for $2.98 the first time around and it's expected the pricing will be similar to before.

What's your favorite style of OREO? Double, Mega, Most, or one of the special flavors? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or by tweeting me at @AdamBarnhardt to rant and rave about all things food!