New MTN DEW Cake Flavor Sells Out in Three Hours

After a momentous reveal earlier this month, MTN DEW made its latest flavor — MTN DEW Cake-Smash — available to the masses through its website on Tuesday. As it turns out, enough demand was there to sell the birthday cake flavor out in a matter of hours. Three hours after the product was initially made available for purchase on the official DEW Nation store, the soda-maker ran out of its supply.

It's unclear if the DEW brand or PepsiCo plan on restocking Cake-Smash in the store, but it appears increasingly unlikely. Cake-Smash is labeled as a limited availability product across the board. That said, Cake-Smash's debut on the DEW Nation store is a good sign for fans of the brand, as DEW says in a press release more limited-time flavors will be available exclusively through the store in the future.

Cake-Smash's brief availability on the DEW Nation store website also marked another first. Prior to the soda's debut, the brand had never sold the beverage itself through online means. Until now, DEW Nation was reserved solely for merchandise and apparel rather than food products.

Cake-Smash was originally intended to be released last year in support of MTN DEW's 80th anniversary, but pandemic-related delays force the drink's debut to be pushed back.

"In 2021, it is time to celebrate you in the most epic. Way. Possible," the can reads. "Let's do-over your missed milestone—whether it was a birthday, a wedding, a graduation, or life itself! This year you deserve to have your cake and drink it too with MTN DEW Cake-Smash!"


Cake-Smash isn't the only DEW flavor labeled after baked goods. Later this year, the brand is expected to release a special gingerbread-flavored DEW in support of the holidays.