New MTN Dew Flavor Might Be Permanent, Gingerbread Holiday Soda Also Reportedly On the Way

As it turns out, the team at Mountain Dew has had an incredibly busy 2020. Earlier this year, the company announced a raspberry lemonade-flavored Dew beverage exclusive to Speedway Stores; then there's the VooDew 2 promotion that's beginning to ramp up as we get closer to Halloween. Now, word is starting to surface the sodamaker might be adding a permanent member to its line-up in all markets across the country, regardless of store.

A leak circulated on r/MountainDew last month revealing the company's plans for 2021, including the release of MTN Dew Major Melon, a watermelon-flavored take on the beverage. Featuring a pink drink with a label including an Army-based mascot, Major Melon is said to be a permanent flavor in the vein of MTN Dew Code Red or Diet MTN Dew as compared to permanent additions only available at certain stores like Baja Blast or Maui Burst.

Now a month after the leak, images have started to surface of Major Melon promotion materials, as evidenced by a new posting on the same subreddit. At the time, the leak said Major Melon would get both a regular and Zero Sugar flavor, something seemingly confirmed by the promotional material that's surfaced. It's said in the leak this is one of Dew's next major marketing pushes and the company hopes to tie its release in with next year's Super Bowl. You can see the promo material below.

Did a marketing survey and this was the product they showed from r/mountaindew

The leak didn't stop there. In fact, upwards of four more sodas were part of the leak. As Dew did with its Merry Mash-Up flavor the past few years, the company is reportedly introducing MTN Dew Snap'd, a gingerbread-flavored take on the soda for the Holiday 2021 season.


Between now and then will featuring a 100 Days of Baja promotion, seeing the return of Baja Blast to bottled form once again after a test run last year. The drink — which has been a Taco Bell exclusive for years — will be joined by Baja Punch and Baja Flash, which are said to have orange and pina colada flavors, respectively. It's unclear when that promotion will take place, but with tropical themes, it might be reasonable to expect that to drop sometime in the summer months.

Last but not least, it's also rumored PepsiCo will bring back Pepsi Blue, a berry-flavored Pepsi that was available in the United States and Canada in the early-2000's. Though pulled after two years on the market here, it's been available in the Phillippines and Indonesia ever since.