NASA's Discovery Of A Parallel Universe Where Time Runs Backward Debunked

NASA’s discovery of a parallel universe where time runs backward has been debunked. In a year where bad news has seemingly overflowed, here’s something positive: no mirror dimension exists that we know of. The New Scientist report from April 8th was the source of the information about the proposed parallel universe where time runs backward. People thought they were getting yet another piece of bad news. This all follows the coronavirus pandemic, the Australian brushfire, murder hornets, and more have all been major stories this year and we’re only in May. Details from the Antarctica experiment paint a fascinating picture, even though they won’t be a Science Fiction movie in real life.

Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna or ANITA’s findings have powered these conclusions. The NASA research team used an array of radio antennas attached to a helium balloon. They pushed the balloon over the Antarctic ice sheet at 37,000 meters. That’s almost four times the height of most commercial flights. NASA’s antennas can “listen” to the vastness of space and detect high-energy particles, neutrinos as they’re known, that reach out planet. Now, there’s nothing to fear from those particles, but there are some events down in the south pole that can’t be explained. Our current understanding of physics can’t explain how the particles from space can be coming from the Earth’s interior before being detected.

"The unusual ANITA events have been known and discussed since 2016," Ron Ekers, an honorary fellow at CSIRO, Australia's national science agency said. "After four years there has been no satisfactory explanation of the anomalous events seen by ANITA so this is very frustrating, especially to those involved."

"In such a situation you start exploring even more extreme possibilities," Ekers added. “[What we do have] is a somewhat cheeky explanation ... born out of the frustration of having nothing else that worked."


So, things are complicated, and only going to get more and more strange as the discoveries continue. Those findings are from 2016 and the scientific community is still hard at work trying to crack the code of what all this data means. Right now, you’ve got some exciting theories, but nothing in the way of concrete proof. Also, complicating matters is the fact that social media heard about the study and ran with it. So, no Upside Down for right now, but with 2020 let’s hope there are no more updates this year.

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