Fanta Releases New "What the Fanta" Mystery Flavor

Fanta has added another flavor to its ever-growing roster. The only problem, if you can call it that, is that the soda doesn't have a flavor. Well, it has a flavor—but the marketing minds at the soda maker want you to guess what it is. Over the weekend, Fanta began rolling out an all-new mystery flavor alongside a hefty marketing campaign trying to get soda drinkers to chat about the soft drink.

The blue-tinted soda is already starting to pop up wherever soft drinks are sold, and Fanta is encouraging those who get their hands on it to join the social conversation by tweeting their flavor thoughts with the #WhatTheFanta hashtag.

Scrolling through the hashtag now, one soda fiend says the cobalt concoction tastes like an orange creamsicle. Another says it's similar to an amalgamation of bubble gum and cotton candy. Another person says the drink tastes like marshmallows. Whatever the case, it appears the Coca-Cola Company has opted to pass by the usual fruit flavors for this Fanta drink and go to something else.

"Teens today are always looking for new experiences to engage in with their friends, but we know that they haven't found much worth sharing about when it comes to soft drinks at convenience stores," Dane Callis, Senior Brand Manager, Fanta North America offered in a press release. "With 'What the Fanta', we've created a campaign that not only gives our fans new bold flavors to try—we've given them an opportunity to share in the fun and engage with each other across the country in a nationwide guessing game."

So far the campaign is being anchored by the 20-ounce bottles of the blue drink, which will be available now through February 2023. In the coming months, however, the #WhatTheFanta campaign will add additional mystery flavors.

Fanta says green, peach, and orange-colored mystery drinks will be available across a variety of retail options, including bottled drinks, fountain drinks at restaurants, and frozen options at select fast-food joints. The green, peach, and orange What The Fanta drinks, if you can find them, will only be available through August.

While Fanta is being hush-hush on the location of those drinks as of now, it appears Burger King will be getting a frozen version of the green mystery drink.

Let us know if you happen to get your hands of any version of the mystery beverage!