Nick Cannon Denies Billion Dollar Lawsuit Against ViacomCBS Over Wild 'N Out

Nick Cannon says that he’s not planning to sue ViacomCBS for a billion dollars over Wild N’ Out. His clarification comes after various reports had him preparing to sue the broadcasting corporation for $1.5 billion. TMZ approached the actor’s team for comment and his reps say, “Nick is focusing on bringing people together and fighting bigotry, racism, and hate.” They say that the money is the last thing on his mind at this point. ViacomCBS chose to terminate Cannon after some anti-Semitic comments on his podcast this summer. After that moment hit social media, it was only a matter of time before punishment came. Now, the host is dedicating himself to learning more about the Jewish community and uplifting communities of color.

The New York Post got a statement from Nikki Liberatore, someone from Cannon’s representation. She said, “These reports are inaccurate. Nick’s focus right now is on unifying communities and combatting bigotry, racism and hate of all kinds, not seeking personal financial gain.”

However, in an original report from The Shade Room, Cannon’s team allegedly told the site that he wanted some compensation for the revenue generated for the brand with that show. Keep in mind that for a lot of MTV 2's life, the comedy show has been a staple, along with Ridiculousness.

“It is just that simple, ‘Wild’N Out belongs to Nick!,” the comments began. “The show was created by Nick Cannon with his idea and original thought. Wild’N Out has brought billions of dollars in revenue to Viacom since 2015. And Nick deserves and has earned everything it is worth.”


“From the platforms he provides for other entertainers, the jobs he creates for black youth, the time he gives to mentoring incarcerated men and women, to the money he gives back and puts into communities, homelessness, and people less fortunate. He is constantly evolving both spiritually and mentally, as well as, taking action in learning, education and bridging the gap within the Jewish and African American communities, so that it will allow us to build relationships, work together and learn from each other in order to move forward in equality…If Viacom believes in growth, equality, education, then Viacom will do what is right and pay Nick what they owe, and giving him his $1.5 brand.”

Do you think Cannon should get a share of his IP? Or did those comments completely slam the door on that? Let us know down in the comments!