OREO Launches Official Frozen Treats Line, Including Frozen Cookies and OREO Cones

OREO has long been a staple of pantries around the world and now, the brand is officially getting into the frozen treats game. Sure, OREO has always been mixed with ice cream and such at various fast-food restaurants but now, the iconic cookie brand is launching its own frozen line with four different treats to get snackers excited.

Anchoring the new line are OREO Frozen Sandwiches, which are essentially frozen cookies or ice cream sandwiches. The product features ice cream flavored like the regular OREO creme sandwiched between two cookies. Then there are the OREO Frozen Cones, which features the same ice cream stuffed inside a waffle cone that mimics the same flavors of OREO cookies.


Rounding out the initial batch of offerings are OREO Frozen Bars, the creme-flavored ice cream dipped in crushed OREO cookies and OREO Ice Cream, your typical cookies and cream-style treat available in both 14-ounce and 48-ounce tubs.

"We continually seek ways to playfully reinvent our classic cookie and are excited to bring this new OREO® innovation to the freezer aisle," OREO vice president Justin Parnell offered in a press release. "Created for our most loyal fans, we have perfected the OREO® Frozen Treats recipes to deliver the signature OREO® flavor in every bite. We hope this delicious new treat will provide even more opportunities for fans to foster moments of playful connection over a shared love of OREO®."

The frozen sandwiches are available in select retailers now, but the whole line should be available nationally starting March 2022.