Seth Rogen Launching First Podcast Series

After spending years conquering comedy in the world of film, Seth Rogen is making moves in other [...]

After spending years conquering comedy in the world of film, Seth Rogen is making moves in other industries. The writer/producer/actor recently launched his own marijuana company, which seems to be going quite well so far, and he's now looking ahead to the world of podcasting. It was announced this week that Rogen is partnering with Stitcher for a new podcast that he will host.

The new series doesn't have a title, but it is expected to launch on Stitcher's comedy network, Earwolf, later this year. According to the press release, "Rogen will indulge his endless curiosity about people and the world we live in by inviting a range of guests to share a single story – whether hilarious, harrowing or heartwarming – and bring it to life through rhythmic editing, as supporting interviews and archival tape are woven in alongside a tuneful sound design and score."

"Recording and editing these episodes has been a thrilling and rewarding experience," Rogen said. "Bringing people's stories to life in these sort of 'audio documentaries' has given me amazing insight into what makes up the most impactful moments in people's lives and how they contextualize these moments. I think Frida, Richard and I have been able to do something that even I am shocked by: produce what seems like an original podcast."

"Richard's journalistic track record, leftfield sense of humor, and propensity for wildly creative audio made him the perfect producer to realize Seth's vision" said Colin Anderson, Vice President of Comedy at Stitcher. "Together, they've created something truly unique, which feels right at home at Earwolf."

"We are very excited Seth wants to bring this series to life at Stitcher and SiriusXM," added Scott Greenstein, President and Chief Content Officer of SiriusXM. "The vision Seth and his team have is to venture beyond typical celebrity-based podcasts, and that is to go deep into how a single moment can change a person's life. We've seen over his career that Seth is unafraid to explore new territory, and so we are excited to follow him on this journey of discovery."

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