Taco Bell's Potatoes Return With New Giveaway Deal

The menu at Taco Bell has become a uniquely significant part of our pop culture, with the cycling [...]

The menu at Taco Bell has become a uniquely significant part of our pop culture, with the cycling in and out of various menu items dividing many of the franchise's fans. Early this year, it was confirmed that potato products would soon be coming back to the chain restaurant's menu, after they were removed to simplify operations during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As of Thursday, potato projects officially have a home back on Taco Bell's menu -- and they're celebrating with a sweet new deal. On Thursday, March 11th, Taco Bell Rewards members can get a free Spicy Potato Soft Taco with any qualifying purchase, as long as they order through the app. The rewards program, which is entirely free to join, allows diehard fans to earn points and other special deals from their Taco Bell purchases.

The year-long hiatus of Taco Bell's potatoes came after the company was forced to shift to drive-thru only operations due to the pandemic, as Taco Bell CEO Mark King explained in a memorable potato-themed video earlier this year.

"Last year we had to shift entirely to drive-thru, which created longer lines for our customers and way more demand for our team members," King says in the video. "So in order to create a better experience for both you and our teams, we had to simplify our menu, and unfortunately, removing potatoes was part of that. But it's a new year with new possibilities. And you know what? We're bringing them back! As of March 11th, potatoes are officially back at Taco Bell. Give us a minute to get them back to most restaurants, but know that we're working hard to make things right."

In addition to the return of the beloved potato items, Taco Bell is going to be adding more vegetarian options throughout 2021. This includes a new partnership with Beyond Meat.

"The return of our beloved potatoes is just the first step in showing our fans the strong continued commitment to vegetarian we are making this year," said Liz Matthews, Taco Bell's Global Chief Food Innovation Officer. "We have long been a leader in the vegetarian space, but this year, we have more meatless options in store that vegetarians, veggie-curious and even meat-eaters will love."

What do you think of Taco Bell's potatoes being brought back onto the menu? Will you be taking part in this special Spicy Potato Soft Taco deal? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!