Taco Bell Has an All-New Breakfast Burrito Menu

Taco Bell has had one heck of a week. Tuesday, the fast-food joint announced it was rolling out [...]

Taco Bell has had one heck of a week. Tuesday, the fast-food joint announced it was rolling out the Triplelupa, the biggest chalupa the outfit has ever sold. Now, the go-to spot has introduced an all-new breakfast burrito menu as the fast-food world puts an emphasis on increasing offerings for the most important meal of the day. All in all, three new burritos have been added to the menu, each with its own take on breakfast — better yet, the options all start at just $1.

The most simple of the bunch is the Chessy Toasted Breakfast Burrito, which includes sausage, nacho cheese sauce, and scrambled eggs. Simple enough, right? That's the dollar choice. Next comes the Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito with a three-cheese blend, potato bites, pico de gallo, bacon or sausage, and twice the amount of scrambled eggs as the Cheesy Toasted option. Steak is also an option for the latter two for an additional charge.

Last but not least, the menu includes the Hash Brown Toasted Breakfast Burrito, which comes with bacon or sausage, eggs, a three-cheese blend, and a fried hashbrown as a topping. The Grande Toasted Burrito starts at $2.79 a la carte or $4.99 for a meal. The Hash Brown Burrito, on the other hand, is $1.99 or $4.19 depending on the meal.

"We serve nearly one billion burritos to our fans every year and our new Toasted Breakfast Burrito menu solidifies that Taco Bell is the place for burritos across all dayparts," Taco Bell senior marketer said Melissa Friebe says in a press release. "We're constantly listening to consumers to fit their needs and we know that these breakfast burritos are the perfect addition to morning routines. We're excited to bring our fans this new lineup among a sea of breakfast sandwich sameness."

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