Tony Hawk Didn't Get Recognized Again and It's Going Viral

Tony Hawk had another run-in with a fan that didn't recognize him. It's become a routine on social media as the skateboarder constantly gets mistaken for someone else. Sometimes, like today, with the correct ID and everything. A girl at a coffee shop saw Hawk and asked him "has anyone told you that you look like Tony Hawk?" Well, the legend joked that he sometimes wrote about the phenomenon. The barista laughed it off and gave him his coffee, but then another patron leaned over and said he really did look like Tony Hawk. There's a good reason for that, he is! But, it's very fun for all of his followers to get a peek into the life of a famous person. This must happen to so many different actors or athletes across the world. However, a lot of them don't have the following the Birdhouse founder has on Twitter. Check out the exchange for yourself down below.

He spoke to Newsweek about how skateboarding has exploded in popularity since he began riding way back when last year. "I'd like to foster the growth of skating internationally," Hawk began. "I realize that with the Olympics coming, that's an opportunity to show it on a bigger venue but, I'm more interested in … skating starting to grow in places like Cambodia and South Africa, Afghanistan and there's a skate community in Uganda. And to me, that's the exciting part about how far skating has come. Whatever I can do to raise awareness or promote the growth, that's what I want to do."

In the same interview, the X-Games legend talked about the early days and how they transformed into a multi-billion dollar business. Hawk was front and center when action sports made the leap to the big time in the late 90s. He still might be the biggest star in the entire category for older fans of skateboarding.

"In the '90s, when the X Games started, people knew my name from the previous generation. It was sort of like I had this crossover, [I] was bridging a gap," he continued. "And I was still doing well. I had the experience and history with skating, I could speak to its roots as well as its future. It was never something I ever intended; it was more bestowed upon me and I was happy to take responsibility."

After all these years, much like Michael Jordan, he might be known more for a meme than what he did in his sport. But, there's no doubt that the legend still has tons of fans who are interested to see what he does next.

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