Trolli Introduces Sour Candy Corn Just in Time for Halloween

trolli sour candy corn
(Photo: Ferrara)

As if candy corn needed any tweaking to make it better, Trolli has taken the classic Halloween treat and upset the status quo. Just in time for Halloween, the company — known for its sour and gummi offerings — has rolled out Sour Brite Candy Corn, a mashup of the iconic fall treat with Trolli's signature sour gummi candy. At the very least, maybe it's an offering that even candy corn heathens can enjoy this time of the year.

In the case you're not a fan of sour candy, Ferrara — the parent company of Trolli and Brach's — has introduced a handful of other candy corn-based items including Brach's Mini Candy Corn & Chocolate Peanuts, Brach's Mermaid Candy Corn, Brach's Donut Shoppe Candy Corn, and Brach's Pumpkin Pie Candy Corn, for those who wish to combine the best fall candy with the worst fall pie.

Outside of the Sour Brite Candy Corn, the other unique offering is Brach's Mermaid Candy Corn, which includes ocean-based shapes like mermaids and shells in all sorts of flavors — including green apple, grape, lemon, strawberry, and orange.

The Mini Candy Corn & Chocolate Peanuts offering a trail mix-type setup with the sweetness of the candy corn and chocolate with the saltiness of peanuts. The Donut Shoppe Candy corn, on the other hand, is available in a whole bunch of flavors including original glaze, chocolate glaze, and strawberry glaze.


As for the Pumpkin Pie Candy Corn? I don't think we need to dedicate any more time to that. All treats should be available effectively immediately at most big box stores around the country.

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