Twitter Might Introduce An Edit Button But With a Catch

Twitter seems to be contemplating introducing a paid tier to the social media platform, though they haven't revealed what that tier would include. A new survey conducted by Twitter, however, gives us an idea of what it might include, a survey that listed out several features and asked people to rate them from most to least important. The first thing that comes to mind for a new feature is undoubtedly an edit button, as many have asked for one since...well, forever really. There is no complete edit button in the survey, but there is a feature that could be as close as we're going to get, and that's the Undo Send feature. Basically it would allow you to recall the tweet before anyone sees it if you spotted a typo or just decided not to send it, but you only have 30 seconds to do it (via TechCrunch).

That's nice, don't get me wrong, but if you spot the error any later, you're still stuck either deleting it or just leaving it up. That won't satisfy everyone, but it is a step in the right direction at least. Now, that wasn't the only thing listed, as other features included longer videos, additional custom color modes, badges that let you show who you work for on your profile, and more.

Here are all the options on the survey (via Matt Navarra).

Undo Send: A 30-second window for you to recall/withdraw a tweet before anyone can see it.

Custom Colors: In addition to "Night Mode," you could change the fonts and theme color of Twitter on your phone and computer. Background color, links, mentions, hashtags and icons would appear in whatever color you choose.

Video Publishing: You could publish videos up to 5x longer than current default, with a much higher maximum resolution (8192×8192)

Badges: You get a badge(s) on your profile that links to businesses you own or work for (Example: A journalist can have a badge showing the magazines they write for.)

Auto responses: Able to write and set a menu of auto responses to use in replies. This would likely be more useful to brands that wanted to redirect customer inquiries to official channels.

Social listening: You can see conversation around your account on Twitter, including total volume, the people and businesses who are talking most often and what they are saying. This, again, would largely appeal to brands.

Brand Surveys: You could be able to survey people about the ads you run to better understand if your ad was memorable and if people are likely to buy the products or services featured. Twitter today already runs similar ads, so this feature would be relatively easy for it to implement.


Are you happy with the Undo Send option, or would you rather still have a full edit feature? Let us know in the comments or let me know on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!