US Military Apologizes for Threatening Area 51 Party With a Stealth Bomber

The Storm Area 51 event was predicted to be a huge event, with thousands of people descending on [...]

The Storm Area 51 event was predicted to be a huge event, with thousands of people descending on the desert of Nevada in hopes to see them aliens once and for all. The focus shifted to become a celebration of weird culture, like a meme-inspired version of Burning Man complete with live music and all the Naruto running a person could handle. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a complete dud with only a few hundred people attending, and the events meant to entertain the attendees were cancelled due to low attendance.

Apparently the U.S. Military didn't get that memo, posting a vague threat on a social media page that has since been deleted. The threat showed a group of troops in formation in front of a stealth bomber, and officials have since issued an apology for the post.

The deleted tweet said "The last thing #Millennials will see if they attempt the #area51raid today..." So you know it was composed by someone out of touch because who uses the hashtag "millennials" except for cranky people?

The account in question is run by the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service, which has since issued another statement denouncing the employee who happened to post the threat.

The Area 51 "raid" has turned out to be a mostly peaceful gathering, with only a few arrests including one for indecent exposure after someone tried to urinate at the public gathering. And while it did attract the likes of legendary DJ Paul Oakenfold, the corresponding AlienStock event was cancelled for the rest of the weekend due to low attendance.

But we've still seen some hilarious Naruto runs out of it, including one who interrupted a news broadcast and instantly went viral. Another group joked like they were actually storming the gates, but they understood the mantra of "strength in numbers" and since barely anybody attended, they did not press their luck.

Maybe the alien enthusiasts will regroup and get a more organized event going for next year, keeping the meme party going and — if we're lucky — freeing them aliens from their military captors.