Get Funko’s Emerald City Comic Con Exclusive Pop Figures Right Here


Funko has announced their lineup of shared Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) exclusives, and we’re going to show you precisely where you can collect them - including product links in most cases. Without further ado, let’s dive right into the list!

Moana - Maui with Shark Head Pop!

Barnes & Noble
Saga - Mourning Prince Robot IV Pop!
Care Bears - Flocked Good Luck Bear Pop!

Box Lunch
Toy Story - Army Man Pop!

Entertainment Earth
The Life Aquatic - Steve & Ned Vynl.
Masters of the Universe - Sorceress & Beast Man Vynl.

DC Bombshells - Poison Ivy Rock Candy
• Game of Thrones - 6” Giant Wight Pop!

Cuphead - Cagney Carnation Pop!
Star Wars - Padme Pop!
Stranger Things - 8-bit Barb Pop!

Hot Topic
Ahsoka Galactic Plushies
Rick & Morty - Alien Head Rick Pop!
Rick & Morty - Alien Head Morty Pop!
Parks & Rec 2-pack Pop!s
Doctor Who - Amy Pond Pop!

• Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - Yondu Pop!

• Marvel - Lawyer She-Hulk Pop!

• Marvel - Deadpool the Duck Dorbz

Funko Shop
Freddy Funko Alternate Uniform Pop!
Flocked Sasquatch Pop!
Mad Max - Rictus Erectus Pop!
DC - Ace & Krypto Dorbz 2-pack
Emerald Chrome Batman Pop!
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - Gideon & Ramona Pop! 2-pack
Spastik Plastik - Blue Pulpo Pop!

We're already seeing sell outs on some of these Funko ECCC exclusives, so grab your favorites while there's still time.


In other Funko news. Funko has unveiled their Avengers: Infinity War lineup and it is a MASSIVE wave.

The entire standard collection of Avengers: Infinity War Funko products are available to pre-order right here. Grab your favorite items while you can, though the selection might be a bit overwhelming - and there are still the exclusives to contend with.


In addition to the standard figures that are available to pre-order now, look for a 10” Pop! of Thanos at Target, unmasked Iron Spider at BoxLunch, Vision at Hot Topic, Groot at Toys”R”Us, Iron Man (Unmasked) at FYE, glow-in-the-dark Thor is a Asia exclusive, an alternate version of Thanos at Walmart, and Cull Obsidian at Walgreens. Funko notes that March 3rd is a likely drop date for their entire Avengers: Infinity War lineup.

Note: If you purchase one of the awesome products featured above, we may earn a small commission from the retailer. Thank you for your support.