Tom Holland, Russo Brothers, Robert Downey Jr and More Guesting on Jon Faverau's The Chef Show

In a post-Avengers: Endgame world, Jon Favreau's first project sees the filmmaker return to the kitchen for Netflix's The Chef Show. Spinning out of his 2014 film Chef, Favreau joins long-time collaborate Roy Choi for cooking series that will end up featuring some familiar faces for fans of genre entertainment. In one episode, Favreau and Choi dine in Atlanta with a few members of the Avengers: Endgame production including architect Kevin Feige, directors Joe and Anthony Russo, and stars Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland.

Additional guests for the show include Bill Burr, Andrew Rea, Evan Kleiman, Jazz Singsanong, Robert Rodriguez, David Chang, Aaron Franklin, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

“During the production of Chef, I developed a much deeper understanding of the ways in which we express our emotions, share our cultures, and seek meaningful connections through the act of cooking and eating,” Favreau said in a statement from Netflix. “I am so nostalgic about that time and those experiences — this series gives me the perfect opportunity to get back in the kitchen and create some new memories.”

Favreau wrote, directed, starred, and co-produced the critically-acclaimed Chef, which grossed north of $45 million at the box office. Choi served as a co-producer on the film and oversaw all food prepared for the film. When it comes to the television show, which will be a non-fiction take on cooking as opposed to a fictional tale, Favreau and Choi produced alongside Annie Johnson. Favreau is credited as director.

“I’ve always wanted a straight up cooking show since I was a child,” said Choi. “ I grew up on Julia Child, Paul Prudhomme, Sara Moulton, and obviously Emeril’s first show had a huge impact on my life. There is something timeless and beautiful about cooking straight to camera."

"The only snafu was, I’m not a natural born entertainer so doing it alone was always out of the question! But then I met Jon and we built such an amazing friendship over the movie, Chef. We both kinda didn’t want it to end. And through this friendship I found my cooking soulmate and a child’s dream is now a reality. Julia and Jacques meet Jon and Roy!”

The full trailer for the first season of The Chef Show can be viewed above.


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The Chef Show is scheduled for release on June 7th only on Netflix.