Marvel Releases Silver Surfer: Black Trailer

Marvel Comics has released a trailer for Silver Surfer: Black, the miniseries from the creative team of Donny Cates and Tradd Moore. According to the teaser, this is the culmination of various stories Cates has been writing since his time on Thanos. The pair, along with editor Darren Shan, appear in the video, which feels less like a traditional trailer and more like a behind-the-scenes featurette. Still, it gives a pretty good sense for the kind of visually dynamic and emotionally wrenching book the team is going for. You can see it above, and read's review of the issue -- we called it "a mind-bending journey to the heart of darkness" -- here.

In addition to the video -- which you can see below -- Marvel has provided a brief synopsis for the series, which follows: The Silver Surfer soars into his own limited series spiraling out of the pages of Guardians of the Galaxy! After being sucked into a black hole created by Thanos’ followers, the Sentinel of the Spaceways finds himself in an unfamiliar region of space. With his whereabouts unknown and his powers fading away, the Silver Surfer will need to risk everything to survive – even his very soul! And just when things look most dire, what unexpected ally will come to his aid?

“By putting Norrin in a place where he’s never been, he’s gonna come up against something in this book that is not only going to challenge him, but perhaps break him,” said Cates.


“This is unlike any Silver Surfer comic you’ve ever read before,” teased Shan.

You can get Silver Surfer: Black #1 at your local comics retailer, or online via Marvel's website, ComiXology, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.