Marvel Teases Return of Ultron

The Marvel Universe is currently in the midst of a War of the Realms, which is taking quite a toll on the Earth's heroes, but it appears the next threat will hit closer to home. A new Marvel teaser reveals that Ultron, who in recent years is the meshing of Ultron and Hank Pym, will be returning to the spotlight. The teaser shows Ultron fighting with Iron Man inside a laboratory of some sort, as characters like The Wasp and Jocasta are being held in tubes in the background.

The text across the top suggests the name of the event, as it reads Unite or Perish The Ultron Agenda, and on the bottom, it says the event will kick off in September of this year. The artwork itself is done by Mike Deodato, and you can check out the promotional artwork for yourself below.

We don't know anything else about the event, but when things involve Ultron, the stakes typically rise quickly. The last time we saw Ultron he had killed the Magus to take an Infinity Stone, though that didn't last too long, and he would lose the Stone to Adam Warlock. Before that he infected the Earth's citizens with a virus, and while the Avengers eventually stopped him, that's when he ended up merging with Hank Pym and creating a half human and half cybernetic being.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Ultron has done some big-time damage even before that, and took over the world in Age of Ultron, pushing the heroes to their limits and only falling because of a small group of heroes and the aid of time travel. Even when Ultron is defeated he finds a way to come back stronger, and we imagine this time will be no different, though a bit more personal than those previous attacks thanks to the character now being partly Hank Pym.


The art suggests he is gathering those he was formerly close to or that are related to the Ultron network (like Jocasta), and we'll have to wait and see what his ultimate plan is.

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