Marvel and Batman 80th Anniversary Limited Edition Loot Crates Are Live


Just in time for the San Diego Comic-Con 2019 kickoff, Loot Crate has added limited edition crates that celebrate 80 years of Marvel and 80 years of the Dark Knight. As you will see, it seems as though Loot Crate is planning to pack these with some pretty high-end stuff.

Naturally, most of the specific contents are being kept under wraps, but we do know that there are two options to choose from on both crates. The standard and premium Batman crates include five items or more "from Gotham City, Arkham Asylum, the Batcave, and beyond" (one of them is a t-shirt), but the premium edition also comes with a jacket that increases the price by $75 - so we would expect something pretty spectacular here. You can order the Batman 80th Anniversary Crate right here for $90 / $165 (shipping included). It's expected to arrive on your doorstep sometime this winter.


As for the Marvel 80th Anniversary Crate, the story is similar. There are two editions that include five items or more, though this crate will feature a hoodie instead of a t-shirt. The premium edition will also include the track jacket and pin pictured above. You can order the Marvel crate of your choice right here for $90 / $140 (shipping included). Again, it is expected to arrive sometime this winter.

Note that the value of the Marvel crate is estimated at over $120 for the standard edition and $195 for the premium edition. The standard Batman crate is also valued at over $120, though a figure wasn't available for the premium edition. Odds are it offers similar bang for your buck.


Finally, Loot Crate offering 50% off a selection of their crates in celebration of SDCC 2019 when you use the code SDCC50 at checkout. You can shop those crates right here. They also recently released a limited edition My Hero Academia Crate that seems to be just as interesting as the Marvel and Batman versions.

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