Marvel's Powers of X Reveals 7 Remaining X-Men

Marvel fans finally have their hands on the newest chapter of Jonathan Hickman's X-Men saga in Powers of X #2, and while there are still several big questions looming (and a few new ones introduced), the issue cleared up a few things about the various timelines, the characters involved in those particular timelines and why, and what kicked all this off to begin with. We also got some clarity about which X-Men are actually still around in the year one hundred era, which sees the remaining X-Men attempting to avoid Nimrod's forces and set themselves up for the future. Powers of X #2 clears up who represents the mutants during this time, and you might be very surprised about one character in particular.

Spoilers incoming for Powers of X #2, so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned.

Like the first issue of Powers of X, the book bounces back and forth between time frames. In the previous issue, we learned that in the year 100 era there are only 8 mutants left on Earth (specifically Asteroid K), as the other mutants have taken refuge in two sanctuary cities elsewhere. As we also learned in the last issue, that number is now, unfortunately, smaller, and we still didn't know who the other member of the team was, but that is also revealed here.

(Photo: Marvel)

Wolverine gives the boss a rundown on the current situation, telling them that Cardinal and Rasputin succeeded in their mission but also lost Cylobel and Percival in the conflict. He says that while they have the information they need, losing those two people almost makes it moot.

(Photo: Marvel)

They hand the drive to the leader and then the next page reveals that the leader of this ragtag group of X-Men is none other than Apocalypse. Apocalypse tells them while it's a little thing they got, it is enough for those who know what to do with it.

Later we return to Asteroid K and see a large figure made of trees and plants, and it is revealed that this is actually Krakoa. Krokoa evidently at some point took over Cipher's body, and while Cipher has passed on since then, Krokoa still contains his abilities to talk to all things.

(Photo: Marvel)

So, that would make the entire team of remaining X-Men in the year one hundred as follows.

Apocalypse (leader)







Cylobel (technically alive but being stripped of data by Nimrod)

Percival (deceased)

You can check out the spoiler images above.

Powers of X is written by Jonathan Hickman and drawn by R.B. Silva, inked by Silva and Adriano Di Benedetto, colored by Marte Gracia, and lettered by VC's Clayton Cowles. Design is handled by Tom Muller. You can check out the official description of Powers of X below.

"FEAR THE FUTURE Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman (INFINTY, NEW AVENGERS, FF) continues his revolutionary new direction for the X-Men. Intertwining with HOUSE OF X, POWERS OF X reveals the secret past, present and future of mutantkind, changing the way you look at every X-Men story before and after. You do not want to miss the next seminal moment in the history of the X-Men!"

You can find the official description for Powers of X #2 specifically below.

"As Xavier sows the seeds of the past, the X-Men’s future blossoms into trouble for all mutantdom."


Powers of X #2 is in comic stores now, and the new X-Men saga so far includes House of X #1 and #2 and Powers of X #1 and #2.

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