The 2017 Golden Issue Award for Best Artist

Welcome to the 2017 Golden Issue Awards, where we here at take a look [...]

Welcome to the 2017 Golden Issue Awards, where we here at take a look back at 2017 and select the stories from comic books and related media that we expect will remain in our hearts and minds long after the year has come to a close

Comics is a visual medium above all else. A writer may pen the script, but a script is all it is until the artist puts pen to page. Artists sculpt characters from blank pages and build worlds, but more than anything they convince us that time passes and that movement takes place on a static page. They create the tension of a fight scene or a car chase without the benefit of actors or visual effects.

And the winner of Best Artist is...


David Marquez!

David Marquez has long been one of the top artists working for Marvel. He helped define the look of Miles Morales as Spider-Man and illustrated the 2016 event Civil War II. This year he teamed with writer Brian Michael Bendis again to bring the Netflix version of the Defenders to the Marvel Comics universe, and his artwork elevates the adventures of the urban vigilantes to the next level. Marquez is excellent at expressing the emotions of his characters visually, and the fight scene between Iron Fist and Elektra is one of the best put to page this year.

Other nominees this year include Christian Ward for his work on Black Bolt, Kris Anka for drawing Star-Lord and Runaways, Nick Derington for his work done on Young Animal's Doom Patrol, and Fiona Staples for her continuing work on Saga.

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List of Nominees:

  • David Marquez (Defenders) [WINNER]
  • Kris Anka (Runaways, Star-Lord)
  • Nick Derington (Doom Patrol)
  • Fiona Staples (Saga)
  • Christian Ward (Black Bolt)