'Agents of SHIELD's Nick Blood On if He'll Return For More Episodes

The latest episode of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD saw the return of a fan-favorite character with Lance Hunter coming to the rescue of Leo Fitz, but was it just a one-and-done affair?

Actor Nick Blood spoke with TV Line about the appearance, asked if he would reprise his role on the superhero series again in the future.

"Who knows! You know what Marvel's like…," Nick Blood reminds. "Agents of SHIELD is always full of surprises, and things can change overnight. Like, I don't think anyone expected Brett Dalton to return, and yet he did [for the Framework arc]. You never know in this world, but I'm sure I will be the last to be told their plans!"

Blood recently returned as Hunter in "Rewind," the fifth episode of Season 5. It's been the only episode mostly set in the present day, as the team has been sent forward in time to a derelict space station overseen by the Kree, revealed to be on a chunk of the destroyed planet Earth.

Fitz was the only person left behind and was imprisoned, because they were still wanted after the events of Season 4, but Hunter helps break him out and figure out a way to get back to their allies.

Blood previously spoke about his return, teasing that it wouldn't be with all of the bells and whistles that SHIELD fans are used to — and that he'd be without Adrianne Palicki Bobbi Morse, unfortunately.

"Well, he's been up his usual tricks, doing some mercenary work and bickering with Bobbi," said Blood. "He doesn't necessarily have access to all the bells-and-whistles and gadgetry that SHIELD did, so he has to use his charm and his wit to break down doors, and call in a few favors from his dodgy friends — who at times are quite unreliable!"

Blood is close friends with Fitz actor Iain De Caestecker, so he does have a man on the inside, so to speak. Maybe he should ask to put a good word in with the bosses…

Agents of SHIELD returns this Friday, January 5 with a new episode called "Fun and Games."