'Agents of SHIELD' Rumored to Be Renewed for Season 6

It sounds like Marvel's Agents of SHIELD may have more adventures in it yet.

The website Movie TV Tech Geeks is reporting that Marvel's Agents of SHIELD has been picked up for a sixth season on ABC. The website is not known for breaking stories like this, so the rumor should be taken with a grain of salt for now, though the initial report has been updated to say that multiple sources at ABC, Disney, and the Agents of SHIELD production team have confirmed.

ComicBook.com has reached out to ABC for comment and is still awaiting a response.

The report also suggests that Agents of SHIELD may move back to Tuesday nights. The show is currently airing on Friday nights.

While Agents of SHIELD is constantly in danger of cancellation due to low live ratings, it has a strong and loyal fanbase that makes the show one of the biggest gainers in delayed viewing on television. The report suggests that Marvel and ABC value that consistency, which - combined with the friendly relationship between ABC and Marvel Television, both owned by Disney - was enough to earn Agents of SHIELD another renewal from ABC.

"Disney doesn't want to lose another Avengers connection on network television," Movie TV Tech Geeks' ABC source reportedly said. "With the upcoming season 5 finale coming in May, expect a season 6 announcement which should give diehard fans some good news."

While the report remains unconfirmed, it is hardly unbelievable. Despite ABC reportedly only renewing Agents of SHIELD after being pressured by Disney last season, other reports suggest the show has been on the bubble this season with most predictions being optimistic about a renewal. In January, the head of ABC herself, Channing Dungey, stated publicly that she was "cautiously optimistic" about Agents of SHIELD being renewed.

"The creative this season, I honestly think, has been the strongest its ever been," Dungey said during the TCA press tour. "We've been really excited about what the producers have been talking about for the second half of the season. I'm really looking forward to hearing them come in and talk about what their ideas would be for season 6, so we can make a better determination about whether we're going to order another season or not."


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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD airs Fridays at 9 pm ET on ABC