'Agents of SHIELD' Season 7 Likely the End According to Clark Gregg

Agents of SHIELD will return for season 6 this summer, and has already been given an advanced renewal from Marvel and ABC for season 7. However, according to series star Clark Gregg, season 7 will likely be the final mission for his SHIELD team.

Speaking to Den of Geek during the press junket for Captain Marvel, Gregg revealed the following information about Agents of SHIELD's future - or lack thereof:

"That's the word I've heard," said Gregg. "The announcement I read was, two more seasons, six and seven."

Some Marvel fans might hear that and be sad about the fact that the end of Agents of SHIELD is now in sight; however, a lot more fans are probably shocked that Agents of SHIELD has managed to hang on this long! A lot of fans figured the show was toast in its first season, and even after it got about three seasons under its belt, every subsequent season has been left sitting on the bubble of possible cancellation. Still, Agents of SHIELD has survived largely because of a strong cult-following within the Marvel fanbase; even if it's not a huge fanbase, it's definitely a passionate one that has made Agents of SHIELD's characters (and stars) beloved parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Agents of SHIELD season 6 Trailer has already teased some interesting developments. We know the new season will be set one year after the time traveling storyline of season 5; more importantly, Clark Gregg's is somehow back, even though his character Phil Coulson has been confirmed as dead. Gregg will apparently be playing a new villain character, who is not actually Phil Coulson. That has created some serious intrigue over the season 6 storyline, which is being kept under wraps. Right now, the Agents of SHIELD cast is already back on set for production on season 7 to begin. In fact, series star Ming-Na Wen has already comemmorated the start of what will be their final season of filming with a celebratory Instagram post.

Truthfully Agents of SHIELD has pretty much worn out every concept a sci-fi / spy series can do. Time Travel, aliens, space, massive betrayals, a Matrix-style fake world - even some extra steam from Marvel-brand concepts like supervillain debuts, hero crossovers (Mockingbird, Ghost Rider), and extensive MCU world expansion. At the same time, the evil twin angle has already been done on the show, so seeing it get pulled out again is definitely a sign that the time to end things could be quickly approaching...

Agents of SHIELD Season Six drops in May. Upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe films includeCaptain Marvel on March 8th, Avengers: Endgame on April 26th, and Spider-Man: Far From Home on July 5th.



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