Amazing Spider-Man #17 Review - The Clones Are Taking Over

Getting away from the life and death talk, R.B. Silva's artwork on the book is delightful, and [...]

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Someone should probably buy The Jackal a dictionary because it doesn't seem he understands what the term Good Guy means.

Writer Dan Slott continues to build to his upcoming 90's reanimation project, The Clone Conspiracy, and the latest issue of Amazing Spider-Man adds two more characters to the dead no more pile, but we'll get to that in a bit.

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First, it should be pointed out just how little Peter Parker is actually in his own book, but the upside of that is the increased screen time for Hobie Brown, better known as The Prowler. Brown is helping Peter out by running around Los Angeles in Spidey's costume and mask to throw off the media, and his overall integration into the plot is handled well. It never feels forced that Peter would hand him this assignment, and honestly, it's one of the best uses of The Prowler in quite some time.

Slott infuses the issue with his trademark humor and wit, even fitting in a Pokemon GO reference for good measure. Sadly the soldiers must be newbies at the game unless of course The Prowler also contains Pokemon vision in that mask of his.

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The biggest cornerstone of the issue revolves around Francine, who at one point reveals that even though she is back from the dead a second time, she still remembers the events of her former life. It's that past death that actually makes it possible for her to absorb electricity like Max was able to before he was "cured" of his abilities. It appears we have a new Electro, and Jackal's army continues to gain new members, most notably the services of a certain Hobie Brown.

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Getting away from the life and death talk, R.B. Silva's artwork on the book is delightful, and while we didn't get a ton of Spider-Man splash pages in this issue, his work on The Prowler will more than suffice, and I can't wait to see more of his Electro in future issues.

Slott is still playing with fire with this march to The Clone Conspiracy, but so far he's managed to keep the story less than convoluted and a rather enjoyable ride. Hopefully, that is something that continues in future books.

Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

Written By: Dan Slott

Pencils By: R.B. Silva

Colors By: Marte Gracia

Inks By: Adriano Di Benedetto