Archie Comics Weighs in on Wendy's Picking Marvel

We live in the age of the Internet and one of the most bizarre things about it is how companies have adapted their own personalities on social media. Whether you love it or hate it, it can be pretty funny.

Today, an interesting exchange went down between the Archie Comics Twitter account and the Wendy's Twitter account. Apparently, Wendy's is a Marvel fan and Archie Comics had some feelings about it.

"Dear @Wendys, do you prefer the Marvel or DC universe?," Gail Simone asked. Simone is a writer of comics and animation best known for penning Birds of Prey. She's also worked on Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Deadpool, Secret Six, Welcome to Tranquility, and The All-New Atom.

The fast food chain was quick to respond with their answer.

"Marvel," they replied.

Well, someone else jumped in and called out the fact that Wendy's should have gone with a third option.

"I thought for sure @Wendy would prefer @ArchieComics. You know redheads need to stick together," Matthew McLean replied.

"Please don't tell them we aren't caught up on Riverdale," Wendy's joked. This is when Archie Comics chimed in and reminded Twitter that they've been conversing with the Wendy's account since 2015.

"It's all good. We go way back with @Wendys," Archie Comics wrote.

As you can see, they shared a post from a few years back when Wendy's thanked Archie Comics for the reading material.

Others were quick to chime in on the conversation, but not before Simone expressed her excitement over the Marvel choice.



Even Valiant Comics joined the discussion, hoping to get some recognition from the fast food restaurant.

"choose valiant please @wendys, we will trade comics for burgers," they wrote.

Wow. The Internet is truly getting weirder.

Do you think Wendy's made the right choice? Are we living in a virtual nightmare? Tell us in the comments!



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