Marvel Just Eliminated an Entire Race of Heroes

This New Comic Book Day is certainly shaping up to be a deadly affair for the heroes of Marvel Comics. In addition to the release of Death of the Inhumans #1, which brought the shocking loss of several popular characters, this week's issue of The Avengers managed to annihilate an entire race of Marvel heroes.

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for Avengers #4! Continue reading at your own risk...

In the fourth issue of The Avengers, from writer Jason Aaron and artist Ed McGuinness, the new team of heroes split up to try and stop Loki and the Final Host from completely destroying the world. Thor and Hulk went to speak with Odin, Black Panther and Captain Marvel studied their enemies at the Alpha Flight station, and the duo of Iron Man and Doctor Strange travelled to the Mountains of Greece, to try and get some answers from The Eternals.

Unfortunately, almost all of The Eternals were dead by the time the heroes arrived.

When Tony and Strange got to the scene, there were no signs of life to be found. Strange deducted that, by the way the bodies fell, "they did this to each other. Or to themselves. All within the last few hours."

Tony explained to Strange that the Eternals were created by the Celestials themselves, and left on Earth to watch over mankind, which would explain why the Final Host might want them dead. It seemed as though, at least in the eyes of the two heroes, that Eternals had possibly killed themselves after learning of the evil that's still to come.

Several of these mighty beings were seen sprawled out across the halls of the Greek home, their bodies completely lifeless.

All but one, that is.

A voice from across the room called out to Tony, saying "The truth tore us apart." Tony flew over to investigate, finding the Eternal known as Ikaris, barely alive.

Ikaris tried to tell Tony what was going on, and dropped some incredibly ominous clues about the Celestials, and the creation of the Eternals themselves.

avengers 4 eternals death
(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

When Tony tells Ikaris he's alive, the Eternal responds, "No. Don't believe I ever was. We are a lie, Tony Stark. We Eternals were great fools. We weren't here to protect you...Cultivate. We cultivate you. You virulence. To them, to the space gods, you are a useful pathogen. You are the ultimate...I fell. Falling...felt good for a change. The Final Host. Don't let them unleash the Horde. Only the..only the Unimind can stop them. Only you can be the cure."


With that, Ikaris sent a message into Tony's mind, and the final Eternal died.

Did you see that Eternals twist coming? Will Marvel find a way to work them back into the universe at some point soon? Let us know your theories and predictions in the comments below!