Marvel Reveals Black Panther Once Wielded SPOILER in Avengers

The current Avengers run has been bringing some unexpected new canon into the Marvel Universe, as [...]

The current Avengers run has been bringing some unexpected new canon into the Marvel Universe, as its roster of heroes is impacted by the Earth-shattering rise of Moon Knight and Khonshu. The latest issue of Avengers is certainly no exception to that, following a tumultuous fight between Moon Knight, Khonshu, and Black Panther -- and revealing a major detail about the latter character, and his tie to a powerful Marvel weapon, in the process. Spoilers for Avengers #36 by Jason Aaron, Javier Garron, Jason Keith, and VC's Cory Petit below! Only look if you want to know!

The issue sees the trio of characters engaging in a fight on the moon, as Black Panther tries to reason with Moon Knight for one final time. In an earlier sequence, T'Challa attempts to fight Khonshu, and asks him exactly how his plan will actually help in the fight against Mephisto. Khonshu throws Mjolnir at T'Challa, only for it to swerve and miss him entirely, as T'Challa proceeds to control its flight in the air.

avengers 36 black panther mjolnir
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

As T'Challa explains to a surprised Khonshu, Mjolnir has an existing history with the Panther tribe, and was previously wielded by one of the previous Panther kings. T'Challa then remarks that his ancestor was using Mjolnir in a previous fight against Mephisto, and that the tribe has been fighting the villain "for a very long time".

This proves to be an interesting continuation of the canon that Aaron established in Marvel Legacy #1, particularly in setting up the first team of Avengers in 1,000,000 BC. That team's roster included both Odin and a very early iteration of Black Panther, and now we know that Odin wasn't the only one to wield Mjolnir in that era. While this was technically before Odin cast the worthiness enchantment upon Mjolnir, it still proves that the Black Panther legacy has been a formidable and pivotal one in the Marvel Universe, something that still impacts T'Challa to this day.

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