'Avengers 4' Star Chris Hemsworth Shows Off His Legs Workout Routine

Maintaining the body of an Asgardian god is not easy feat for Chris Hemsworth, as demonstrated in [...]

Maintaining the body of an Asgardian god is not easy feat for Chris Hemsworth, as demonstrated in a new work out video from Marvel's Thor actor.

Hemsworth took to Twitter to show off an intense bit of body-weight training in which he performances several different movements. Many of these movements are reliant on leg strength, bear crawls, mountain climbers, and burpees (of sorts) get the shoulders, chest, and core involved.

Check out the intense workout performed by Hemsworth in the video below. Think twice about trying it for yourself!

"Try this 10 times through," Hemsworth wrote with a nautious-face emoji. "Cheers to [Rulk] for giving us this little leg burner. No equipment needed, low impact and super functional. You'll feel like you're wering a pair of concrete gum boots afterward." He's not wrong, either. This one-minute exercise will leave the entire body burning!

In addition to his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hemsworth is taking on another popular franchise next year. The actor is set to star in the new Men in Black movie alongside friend and Thor: Ragnarok co-star Tessa Thompson. Last month, Hemsworth confirmed that the duo had finished shooting the movie, which will arrive in theaters in 2019.

With Avengers 4 on the horizon, though, Hemsworth's Thor will be out for revenge against Thanos after he chose to gloat rather than kill the Mad Titan and rescuing half of the universe's living creatures.

"I would argue that the fan base could be equally upset with Thor, who chose to throw that ax into Thanos chest and not his head," Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame co-director Joe Russo tells ComicBook.com. "Because he wanted to tell Thanos that he got his revenge."

"Had he gone for a kill shot, that snap would not have happened. These are choices that characters who are feeling immense pain make and hopefully, the audience can learn to empathize with those characters because they can grow through stories," Joe Russo went on. "Stories can teach us things and that we should try to see every choice from the perspective of the character that made the choice."

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26, 2019.