Mark Ruffalo Shares Stunning 'Avengers 4' Set Photo

Fans have quite a lot of waiting to do for Avengers 4, but stars like Mark Ruffalo are trying to make the time more bearable. Over on Instagram, the Hulk actor just posted a new set photo from the sequel’s set, and the gorgeous picture is equal parts tranquil and spooky.

Taking to social media, Ruffalo shared the stunning set photo with fans earlier today. There is nothing mildly spoiler-ish about the picture, but it does shine a light on one of Marvel Studios’ outdoor filming locations. As you can see below, the image was taken outside and houses a quiet lakeview in the early morning.

“Dawn shoot,” Ruffalo captioned the image before adding an Infinity War hashtag.

Dawn shoot #infinitywar

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If there’s a scene in either of the upcoming Avengers films like this, then fans can expect the blockbusters to be a gorgeous as they are action-packed. This new still captures the rural beauty of Georgia as Marvel wraps up its filming on the Avengers projects, and the calming view seems like the kind of place Bruce Banner would enjoy.

Of course, there are some fans who are surprised Ruffalo was allowed to share this image; The picture may not lend itself to any spoilers, but the star did get in hot water with Marvel as of late. Earlier this month, fans were beside themselves with Ruffalo accidentally livestreamed portion of Thor: Ragnarok to his Instagram followers when he was at its L.A. premiere. The actor unwittingly shared about ten minutes of audio before Ruffalo ended the stream, and the actor has since joked about Marvel taking his phone away after the incident.


Clearly, things have settled between Ruffalo and Marvel. If the studio was still bitter, the actor’s most recent set photo would still be locked away on his phone. Having seen the photo now, fans all realize what a shame it would’ve been to keep it locked away.

Avengers: Infinity War opens up on May 4, 2018. Are you excited for the third Avengers film? Give the movie your personal Anticipation Ranking below!

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