'Avengers 4': There May Have Been A Specific Reason Doctor Strange Saw Exactly 14,000,605 Futures

In one of the most quoted scenes of Avengers: Infinity War, Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) traveled through time to see exactly 14,000,605 different futures. While that's an astonishing amount of times Strange traveled through time, it almost seems as if it's too exact.

One fan theorist thinks the number is exact for a reason — Dr. Strange intended on visiting exactly that amount of futures. While you can read the entire theory below, the basis is the fact that 24 heroes face off against Thanos (Josh Brolin) either directly or indirectly during the film. Essentially, Dr. Strange needed to see that many futures so that he saw every combination of potential heroes that ended up making it through Avengers: Endgame.

[Avengers: Infinity War] the meaning of 14 000 605 possible futures from r/FanTheories

Last year, Infinity War and Endgame co-director Joe Russo mentioned the fact that he thought Strange was one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"Doctor Strange's power level, we could talk about," Russo explained. "And from the books, as a kid, what I loved about Doctor Strange is that he always had a mystical spiritual side to him that seemed to know more than all the other characters."

"I found that very entertaining, and we wanted to advance his power levels since the end of Doctor Strange because it has been a few years," the director continued. "And that he's been doing his work and he's a diligent study and he is now one of the more powerful characters in the Marvel Universe."

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th. Captain Marvel is in theaters now while Spider-Man: Far From Home swings into theaters on July 5th.

Do you think there's a reason why Doctor Strange ended up seeing exactly the number of futures that he did or are fans looking into it too much? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or join the conversation online by hitting me up on Twitter at @AdamBarnhardt!



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