Marvel Releases Avengers: Enter The Phoenix Trailer

The pages of Avengers have traversed through quite a lot of the Marvel Comics canon, bringing Earth's Mightiest Heroes against some formidable foes. In recent issues, that threat has been the Phoenix Force itself -- and it looks like it is preparing to enter a new host. On Wednesday, Marvel released a teaser trailer for the upcoming "Enter the Phoenix" arc, which will begin in Avengers beginning with next month's fortieth issue.

"Enter the Phoenix" will be the latest arc in Jason Aaron and Javier Garrón's run on the title, and is expected to answer a lot of questions regarding where the Phoenix will go next -- and what the next wielder of the Phoenix Force will do with that power. According to Marvel's description, the arc will see the cosmic force stage an earth-shattering competition to find a worthy new host, with only one character among Marvel's roster of heroes and villains proving to be worthy of the title.

"The most iconic, primordial powers of the Marvel Universe have been central to my Avengers run," Aaron said in a statement. "And few forces in the cosmos are more world-shaking and potentially world-destroying than the Phoenix Force. Its legacy on Earth goes back to the Stone Age, as we've seen, but we haven't seen much of the firebird in the present day. That's about to change in a very big way."

The recent issues of Avengers have worked in the Phoenix Force in a fascinating way, with Moon Knight being able to harness its abilities during the "Age of Khonshu" arc. At the end of that arc, Moon Knight hinted that the Phoenix would be trying to find a new host, but that there was no indication of what that would be.

The trailer shows what fans can look forward to with regards to the art of "Enter the Phoenix", with Garrón teasing that the arc will bring a lot of unexpected things along the way.

"I haven't drawn most of the cast here and it is truly exciting to have this chance with them. They are some classic choices in the lineup but there are also some unexpected and wild picks. It's fun all around," Garrón told SYFY Wire in a recent interview. "'Enter the Phoenix' is a high octane, non-stop, thrilling action epic and readers are in for an extremely fun treat."


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The "Enter the Phoenix" arc is expected to kick off in December with Avengers #40.