Is Captain America Still a Fugitive After Avengers: Endgame?

Captain America's (Chris Evans) reluctance to sign the Sokovia Accords eventually led to the implosion of the Avengers which in turn, served as the basis of Captain America: Civil War. Between Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War, Cap, and his Secret Avengers were on the run from Thunderbolt Ross (William Hurt) and the United States armed forces, making America's last bastion of hope a fugitive of the law.

By the time Avengers: Endgame rolled around, Steve Rogers operated in public. No longer was he Captain America, but he roamed the United States freely, attended support group meetings in public, and did his laundry at the Avengers compound. After all, the world just lost half of its entire population and there were certainly bigger fish to fry.

Fast forward nearly a year and Marvel Studios dropped the very first look at Loki, a Disney+ series featuring Tom Hiddleston as the iconic Avengers villain. In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, the Asgardian God of Mischief is seen wearing a prison jumpsuit, presumably belonging to the Time Variance Authority (TVA). Now that the MCU is set to have Time Cops, we've got to ask — is Captain Americaset to be a fugitive once again?

Maybe Ross and his government subordinates have decided to no longer pursue Rogers for his actions during Civil War; at this point in time, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is vastly different than it was at that point in time. But one would think an organization like the TVA would operate outside of any one government.

By the end of Avengers: Endgame, there were really only three people that messed with the timelines in a major way. Of course, there was 2014 Thanos hopping to the future, where he and his armada were eventually killed. Then there was the 2012 Loki — the version of the character that'll be in the Disney+ series — who managed to escape the grasp of HYDRA. Finally, there was one Steve Rogers, who upset the timeline when he went back in time to grow old with Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell).

Despite being a good-natured superhero, Rogers still took advantage of the timeline and used it for his own personal gain — something we're sure the TVA isn't too fond of. After all, he did upset an entire timeline with his actions.

Loki is expected to hit Disney+ next spring while Avengers: Endgame can be streamed on the service now.


Do you think Cap will ever pop back up via the TVA? Why or why not? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section!