'Avengers: Endgame' Fan Theory Suggests Name Will Change When Movie Premieres

Once upon a time, one particular rumor suggested the name of the next Avengers film would be Avengers: Annihilation. Though unfounded, much of the internet ran with it and ended up surprised when Marvel Studios officially revealed the name as Avengers: Endgame in the first teaser released last year. Believe it or not, there's still a hefty contingent online that thinks the major change will come when the movie airs its title card for the first time.

Though it's not an entirely new theory, the latest Reddit post to pop up is starting to gain some traction amongst like-minded fans. It's a pretty self-contained theory that says the Avengers: Endgame name is simply a placeholder for a massive reveal coming up during the premiere. Disney's dumped millions into marketing Avengers: Endgame by now, so it'd most certainly be an unprecedented switch, if not downright impossible. At the end of the day, however, it's Marvel Studios we're talking about and the production house certainly hasn't marketed the fourth Avengers flick in the most conventional of ways.

What will likely boil down to a conspiracy theory started when Avengers directors Joe and Anthony Russo — and Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige, for that matter — were pretty cagey when it came to the name. At one point, the directors flat-out lied to a member of the press in regards to the name. At a recent press stop for the upcoming blockbuster, Joe Russo spoke to the situation.

"That was a year before the movie gets released, and we are constantly changing things and these are iterative and creative processes," Russo said. "It is impossible to commit to anything with any kind of clarity a year before you're about to release some content. 'Cause who knows your DP could accidentally put the title on his resume and then we throw it out. You know, like there are a million reasons why that may or may not be a title for the movie. And until we sit in a room and we watch a trailer with the title on it, then we all look at each other and say, we running with this title. That's usually when the title sticks to a movie. So when people are asking us questions a year before release… And look, they have the right and that's their job but we also have the right and it's our job to protect the creative integrity of our choices. And you don't want to be trapped into, and pressured into choices in the same way that a writer wants to feel like they're getting accurate answers out of us – There are no accurate answers a year out!"

Avengers: Endgame flies into theaters April 26th.

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