Avengers: Endgame Photographer Shares Behind the Scenes Look at Creation of Infinity Gauntlet

Both of the last two Avengers adventures absolutely focused on the Infinity Gauntlet. Now, one of the photographers on Avengers: Endgame has posted a picture of the fabled artifacts assembly on his Instagram. Chuck Zlotnick and his friend Fred were hard at work bringing the most powerful object in the universe to life. Thanos is plenty strong on his own, but adding the gauntlet to the picture really makes that gap between himself and the good guys that much wider. Director Joe Russo explained that it was crucial that Thanos remained the most powerful being in both of the movies. He talked about how much he and Anthony Russo stressed it in a previous interview.

"We know how powerful Thanos is by his quick defeat of the Hulk in Infinity War, so this is an incredibly painful experience, to put on the gauntlet that controls the universe," Russo began. "It permanently damages the most powerful beings and some of the most powerful creatures in these movies, and very few people can actually put that on and survive."

Ryan Meinerding joined the conversation and talked about how the Hulk’s injury influenced how they molded his design after that injury. Meinerding is the Marvel Studios visual development and knows that charred arm better than just about anybody. "When Hulk brings everybody back with a snap using the Stark gauntlet, they wanted Hulk to have paid a severe price for doing it," the artist mentioned.

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Infinity War - my friend Fred working on the Thanos gauntlet.

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He adds, "The idea of his arm being shriveled and messed up was where they were going with it initially, and I don't think anybody was that comfortable with the visual of him fighting with a shriveled arm, so we were trying to come up with alternatives. I pitched that basically when his arm gets shriveled, he just rips his sleeve off and turns it into a sling to allow him to fight later on in the film and not have that asymmetry be something that was too odd. In the end, they worked it out fine in the movie without that concept."

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