Avengers: Endgame Theory Says Scarlet Witch Will Blame Doctor Strange for Vision's Death

As revealed at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this year, Marvel Studios has some huge plans in store [...]

As revealed at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this year, Marvel Studios has some huge plans in store for the Scarlet Witch. While Wanda Maximoff has yet to go by her superhero moniker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it looks like she'll finally get to show off the extent of her powers in both a new series and movie. First she'll appear in the Disney+ show WandaVision, which will show her reunite with her dead synthetic boyfriend the Vision in a strange, sitcom-esque dream home, before she joins the Sorcerer Supreme in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

But in the comics, the character is known for being an over-powered, reality-shaping sorceress, one who is prone to lose her grip on reality and shape the world in her image, sometimes becoming a villain in the process. And a new fan theory suggests that she could be a major threat in the Doctor Strange sequel.

Multiverse of Madness from r/FanTheories

There is a lot of speculation about Scarlet Witch's future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it's clear that she'll have a major role moving forward. WandaVision is set to be unlike anything else in the franchise yet, as it's heavily influenced by The Dick Van Dyke Show.

Co-stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany spoke about WandaVision at D23 Expo where more details were announced

"It's definitely the oddest of all the Marvel endeavors so far," Bettany explained in an interview with IGN.

He added, "It's super avant-garde and weird. I don't think either of us could have expected to be going in this -- if we were going to continue in this -- [and for] it to continue in this direction. I'm so excited, the scripts are amazing. It's going to be just great to drill down further into these things."

When asked if WandaVision would feed directly into Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, Olsen confirmed the connection and gave a status update on the future MCU movie.

"Yes. Yes, it does," Olsen said to MTV News. "But I don't... I think they're writing that right now, but I don't really know much about it."

"I'm really excited," she said when asked about working with Doctor Strange himself Benedict Cumberbatch. "I've never really got to work with him except for one shot where he was landing, and I was shooting something, and that was it. And we did that for like six hours one day together."

WandaVision is currently scheduled to debut on Disney+ in the Spring of 2021. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will premiere in theaters on May 7, 2021.