'Avengers: Endgame' Theory Suggests Thanos Will Be the One to Destroy Infinity Stones

Picture this. The Avengers go on an intergalactic adventure and after some time among the cosmos, they finally track down Thanos (Josh Brolin) to "The Garden." They ambush him, but it's too late — the Infinity Stones are already destroyed. One recent intriguing fan theory suggests the Mad Titan himself finds out the Avengers are working to get the Stones back and decides to destroy them since his job is already done.

Let's dive in, shall we? First shared by u/solethprime, the theory says that because Thanos already made the universe suffer through The Decimation, he no longer has any use for the Infinity Stones. Because of that, he'll destroy them so that the Avengers can't manage to get their hands on them and use the Infinity Gauntlet to reverse the infamous "Snap."

The theorist is even sure to pull some quotes from the latest trailer released to back up their argument. According to the theory, that line where he says he's going to "enjoy it very, very much" is when he gloats over the Avengers — or someone else — that he's about to destroy the Stones.

In the marketing we've seen of the movie so far, we've only seen the Infinity Gauntlet in one shot, as Thanos walks among the crops on his farm and we see it's clearly demolished, as it was at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. Other footage descriptions have hinted that the Avengers uncover the fact that Thanos used the Stones again in some shape, way, or form. Could this be him finding out how to use the Stones on each other to destroy them?

Think about it — Avengers: Endgame clocks in at a hefty three hours and some studio executives insist the marketing only includes the first sliver of the movie. Even if the footage all came from the first act, that leaves an entire two hours for the Avengers to find out how to either manipulate time or travel through the Quantum Realm to go to a timeline prior to both the destruction of the Infinity Stones and The Snap.

Avengers: Endgame flies into theaters April 26th.

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