'Avengers: Infinity War': First Look At Captain America's New Shield

It looks like the Marvel Legends toyline has given fans their first look at Captain America's new shield.

Spoilers obviously for Avengers: Infinity War incoming, so you've been warned.

The figures for Infinity War are already showing up in stores, and while all of them look rather snazzy, the big reveal here is in the Captain Americafigure. The new figure resembles the recent promo art that's been floating around, but here he is sporting a brand new shield, and it isn't anything like his old one.

The shield looks much more like his original pointed shield in the comics design-wise but is sporting a very Wakandan visual style. The shield is black and silver and is likely made out of the same Vibranium that was used in his original shield. This makes sense, as he and his team were invited by Black Panther to take shelter in Wakanda after the fallout from Civil War, and it was there that he left his original shield behind at the feet of Tony Stark.

Odds are he will get his original shield back at some point, but this is definitely not too shabby a replacement in the meantime.

You can get a look at the shield and the other figures in the images above.

The full line includes Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Proxima Midnight, King Cobra, Taskmaster, and Songbird, and each figure also comes with one part of the larger build-a-figure, which is of course Thanos.

Here's what each figure gets you.

Spider-Man - Leg

Captain America - Head

Proxima Midnight - Torso

King Cobra - Arm (with Gauntlet)

Taskmaster - Leg

Songbird - Arm


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Avengers: Infinity War soars into theaters on May 4.