'Avengers: Infinity War' Fans Spot a Plothole in Thanos' Gauntlet Snap

When Thanos obtained all of the Infinity Stones, he became the most powerful being in the Marvel [...]

When Thanos obtained all of the Infinity Stones, he became the most powerful being in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and obliterated life across the galaxy in Avengers: Infinity War.

But given the rules established in that film, he might have created a plot hole when the Mad Titan fatefully snapped his fingers, as one fan noticed.

Dr. Strange told that Thanos can wield the power of gauntlet only if he clench his fist. Then how could a snap do the thing? from r/marvelstudios

Of course, there are many arguments or explanations that could counter this argument of a supposed plot hole, the most logical point being "it's a comic book movie, get over it."

Marvel had to play up Thanos' importance over the course of nearly 20 movies, adding layer after layer that ll built up toward his epic arrival. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige spoke addressed that journey in an official magazine commemorating the 10th anniversary of the company.

"Thanos has been lurking in the shadows with a desire to obtain these Infinity Stones, which has played a big part in our other films," Feige said. "We've introduced the Tesseract, revealed to be the Space Stone; the Mind Stone, which came out of Loki's scepter and then went into Vision's forehead; and the Time Stone: the Eye of Agamotto that Doctor Strange wears is an Infinity Stone itself! And of course the Guardians dealt with the Power Stone.

"So these storytelling devices that we've seeded into every film will continue to play a part and come together. We've been teasing this for six years. That's a long time to tease something cinematically before paying it off. Thanos has to be the greatest villain in our movies."

And now that his snap has achieved his goal of balancing the universe, he's effectively changed the Marvel Cinematic Universe forever. Co-directors Joe and Anthony Russo addressed the impact Thanos has had while speaking about Avengers: Endgame with Empire Magazine.

"These are characters and a story moving forward where Infinity War happened," said Anthony Russo. "The entire universe experienced the same fate, and has been brought together by this experience."

"He's succeeded in the thing he has set out to do," Joe Russo said of Thanos' current state in the MCU. "He's done. He did it. He's retired," added Joe Russo.

Fans will get to see if the heroes can tip the scales back in their favor when Avengers: Endgame premieres in theaters on April 26th.