'Avengers: Infinity War': Where Is the Soul Stone?

Over the past ten years, the locations of five of the six Infinity Stones have been revealed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, making the infamous Soul Stone a major mystery amongst fans. Now, with the release of Avengers: Infinity War, the location of the sixth stone has finally been revealed, hidden away in a place no one expected.

Warning: There are MASSIVE SPOILERS for Avengers: Infinity War in this article. Please don't continue reading unless you've seen it, or you're just dying to know where the Soul Stone is and don't care about being spoiled. Either way, keep the spoiler to yourself and let your friends and followers see the movie. This article offers an explanation for the events of Infinity War for those who are interested.

Okay, if you're still with me, I'm diving into spoiler territory.

There was debate heading into Infinity War as to whether or not Thanos would even find the Soul Stone in this film. Well, as we learned in the movie, he totally did. The secret of its location has been hiding close to the villain's heart this entire time.

For quite some time, Gamora has known exactly where the stone was located, and she's been trying to keep it a secret from her adoptive father. However, after Thanos tortured her sister Nebula, Gamora broke down and told him where he could find it.

The Soul Stone is on the lonely planet Vormir.

As the members of the Black Order attempt to take the other stones, Thanos takes Gamora to Vormir where they are approached by a hooded figure who knows everything about them. (The figure is someone completely unexpected, so we'll save that spoiler for another time. This is about the Soul Stone.) The figure leads Thanos to the edge of a cliff, and they look down over what looks like a shallow pool.

Thanos is told that he can attain the Soul Stone, but he has to give something in return. A soul he loves, for the soul in the stone. One for one. An equal trade.

Of course, the one person with Thanos is the only person he truly cares about, but nothing is to get in the way of his mission. With sorrow in his eyes, Thanos knows what he has to do, and pushes Gamora off of the ledge, sacrificing her to get the stone.

See, I told you there would be massive spoilers. Keep your mouth shut about it, and continue reading so we can dive into what it all means.

Thanos sees Gamora hit the bottom and knows that he's killed her. Suddenly, something comes over Thanos, and he wakes up in a pool of water far away from the tower where he pushed his daughter. In his hand is the Soul Stone.

If you've read a lot of Marvel comics, you know that there is an entire realm called Soul World. Some iterations of this world exist within the soul itself, others are in their own plane of existence, but are accessed with the soul's power. Adam Warlock lived in Soul World for quite some time. In the newer Marvel Comics, Gamora herself has been trapped there.

The MCU probably won't introduce an entire Soul World, but the powers of the stone could help explain a similar type of situation, one in which Gamora could be saved.

It was very clear that Thanos had to give up one soul in order to get the stone, right? And the stone wasn't seen until he woke up far away from the location of his sacrifice.

What if the stone only exists when it has a soul to exist within it? It's entirely possible that Gamora's soul does now live inside the Soul Stone, and taking it back to Vormir, or trading another soul for hers, could bring the Guardian of the Galaxy back in the next Avengers movie.


After all, there's a third Guardians film slated for 2020. Gamora has to be there for it, right? I guess only time will tell.

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