'Avengers: Infinity War': How THAT Tony and Peter Scene May Be a Clue for 'Avengers 4'

Avengers: Infinity War has a lot of moments that have stuck with audiences, but there is one in particular that has left many heartbroken. However, despite the intensity of the scene there may be a glimmer of hope fans have overlooked.

Warning! Spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War below. If you don't want to be spoiled, now is your time to change course. You've been warned.

One of the more emotionally devastating scenes in Infinity War is that moving scene on Titan where Peter Parker/Spider-Man turns to ash right before Tony Stark/Iron Man's eyes, the young man obviously terrified about what is happening, clinging to his mentor in the moments before he vanishes. As he's fading, Peter tells Tony over and over "I don't wanna go" and for many fans, that makes the scene one of the hardest to watch. Yet, for some fans Peter's specific choice of words are giving them hope.

Fans online have noted that Peter says that he doesn't want to "go", not that he doesn't want to "die". As we've noted before, it's possible that Peter sensed what was coming which could account for his choice of words and we do know that Tom Holland improvised elements of that scene, which could mean that it's a reference to Doctor Who. However, if there is one thing we've learned from a decade of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies is that there are rarely coincidences so if the word "go" is deliberate, it could signify that Peter -- and perhaps the others -- aren't dead at all.

They might be trapped in Soulworld.

In comics, specifically Infinity Gauntlet by Jim Starlin -- a comic run that heavily influenced Infinity War -- the Soul Gem (the comics version of the Soul Stone) contains a pocket dimension called the Soulworld. While some characters are able to visit it at will -- specifically Adam Warlock -- it is largely the dimension were the souls lost when Thanos snapped his fingers ended up. You can kind of think of it as soul storage, if you will. It's possible that Infinity War already introduced Soulworld. We see Thanos briefly visiting an orange-tinged place where young Gamora asks him what his quest cost him, hinting that the place is Soulworld. If that's the case, Peter could be referring to going to Soulworld, not dying, and essentially becoming imprisoned within the Soul Stone.

While getting everyone back in Avengers 4 would prove a challenge all its own, after the heartbreak of losing so many heroes, the idea of Soulworld -- and Peter being alive within it -- is a small measure of comfort. Hopefully Tony figures that out, too.


Avengers: Infinity Wars is in theaters now.