Marvel Keeping Tom Holland In Dark On 'Avengers: Infinity War' To Avoid Spoilers

It's no secret that actor Tom Holland has had his fair share of slip-ups when it comes spoiling news on behalf of Marvel Studios — at this point, it's practically a living meme in itself.

Taking to The Graham Norton Show to help promote Avengers: Infinity War, Holland revealed just how much — or in this case, how little — he knows about Marvel's upcoming sure-to-be blockbuster.

"You know what? I don't know," Holland said when Norton asked about every Marvel character being in one scene in Infinity War. "A lot of my scenes with Benedict Cumberbatch, I did with someone else who just had dots on their face who I guess, later in the process, will become Benedict Cumberbatch."

While Cumberbatch reportedly had scheduling conflicts at the beginning of Infinity War filming explains the need for a stand-in with Holland, the actor who portrays the web-slinging Peter Parker still has the reputation for spoiling certain aspects of a films production.

During the press tour for Holland's first solo outing in the MCU — Spider-Man: Homecoming — last summer, his colleagues called him out on being a poor secret-keeper.

When Norton pressed Holland on if he knew any plot details to Infinity War, Holland admitted that the talk show might as well ask him about quantum physics.

"I just tell everyone. I just wasn't allowed to read the script," Holland admitted. "I'd be on set and be working with actors and actresses that were just tennis balls for that day so I'd be texting people like 'Hey, are you in this scene with Spider-Man?' so I basically had to do a lot of background research to find out what I was doing."

Norton asked if there's some sort of "superhero WhatsApp" group that the cast members were a part of, but Holland wasn't aware. He did, however, admit that Marvel went the length of not telling him who he was fighting in the fight sequences.

Holland close the interview by revealing to Norton that he has yet to see the movie. In fact, the bus clip featuring Spider-Man and his classmate Ned was released on the show and it was Holland's first time viewing that footage.

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Avengers: Infinity War — directed by Joe and Anthony Russo — is set to premiere in just a few short weeks on April 27. The flick will be followed by Ant-Man and the Wasp on July 6.