'Avengers: Infinity War': Thanos' Gauntlet And Thor's Stormbreaker Toys Revealed

Fans might start seeing toys for Avengers: Infinity War start appearing in their local retailers, and now we know have the official reveal of two powerful weapons from the new film.

Hasbro has unveiled photos of Thor's new weapon, the axe/hammer hybrid known as Stormbreaker, as well as the fully assembled Infinity Gauntlet that Thanos is likely to get his hands on. These are depowered versions, of course, meant for kids to play with and not for battle with cosmic entities.

Check out the photos below.

(Photo: Hasbro / Yahoo!)

The first up is Stormbreaker, which was recently revealed to be the name of Thor's new weapon. It carries a lot of weight in the Marvel Comics universe, though it has yet to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Stormbreaker is the name of the weapon belonging to Beta Ray Bill, the horse-faced Korbinite and ally of Thor. After a misunderstanding lead to the two doing battle, Beta Ray Bill was able to lift Mjolnir and deemed worthy. Now allies with Thor, Odin ordered a new weapon to be crafted for Bill from the powerful Uru metal, which would become Stormbreaker.

Beta Ray Bill has not yet appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe either, though he was considered for Thor: Ragnarok. A Korbinite who looks like the character appeared on the tower of the Grandmaster, alongside the Sakaar ruler's champion Hulk.

In the movie, it appears that Thor goes to an alien planet and one of the Nine Realms of Asgard to retrieve the weapon, aided by his new allies the Guardians of the Galaxy. The hilt appears to be made from Groot's body, allowing him to wield it as a hammer, while the head of the weapon appears to look more like the Ultimate version of Mjolnir than the comics version of Stormbreaker.

(Photo: Hasbro / Yahoo!)

Another weapon revealed is a smaller, more play-friendly version of the Infinity Gauntlet. Unlike the Marvel Legends version, this one appears to be a bit cheaper and doesn't feature the mechanical digits of the collectable version.

It will make noise and light up and hopefully have soundbites of Josh Brolin's dreary droll as the Mad Titan Thanos.

As we get closer and closer to the premiere of the new Marvel Studios epic, fans should start to expect seeing a lot more .march fill up the shelves of stores, and a lot more items for the die-hards to collect


Avengers: Infinity War premieres in theaters on May 4th.

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