Avengers, Justice League, Dragon Ball Characters Fight Coronavirus in Wild Short Film

In what might be one of the wildest animated videos you see this year, characters from various Marvel, DC, anime, WWE, and more universes come together to literally fight the coronavirus. The coronavirus has become a global pandemic, disrupting life as many knew it before the virus impacted hundreds of thousands around the world, and the video above sees heroes literally fighting it. Of course, the best course of action has proved to be staying home and avoiding the virus to prevent its spread but, instead, the Heroes United video posted to YouTube by Mightyraccoon! sees Superman, Spider-Man, Goku, John Wick and more charging at it head on to literally try to kill the virus.

Regardless of what viewers might think of the idea of heroes charging into battle to fight the virus, there is no denying the impressive animation put together in the video which begins by showing Nick Fury calling Rick from Rick & Morty. Cut to: Iron Man taking attendance on a group of heroes which includes Spider-Man, Batman, One-Punch Man, Superman, Deadpool, Goku, Sonic, John Cena, the Hulk, Captain America, and more. Of course, it was tough to see John Cena at first, seeing as we can't see him but it made for a good joke.

Rick and Morty are responsible for the plan in taking on COVID-19, with Rick having developed a cure for the virus. He instructs the heroes to head out to six continents in six groups to simultaneously shoot the cure into the sky together. Of course, Rick did also bring a few more friends, including Thor, Wolverine, the Terminator, Leonardo, Shaggy and Mr. Incredible.

There are a few more surprises packed into the video but we won't ruin those here. Watch the video above for an impressive achievement in animating some of the world's most popular characters from movies, television, comics, and videos games into one video. Also, it's worth subscribing to the Mightyraccoon! channel as they look to continue to release the self-made videos of impressive quality!


The comments on YouTube firmly approve of the work. "I can only image what this guy can do if he has some big movie budget," one viewer wrote. "This man has made a 5 star movie on YouTube budget. Imagine if he had Disney's money, he would be the best," another said.

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