The Avengers Get a Crazy New Home Base

The Avengers have had quite a few different place to call home over the years, but perhaps none quite as grandiose as the newest base that was revealed in this week's Avengers #8.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Avengers #8! Continue reading at your own risk...

Before the Celestials left Earth at the conclusion of the first Avengers arc, they raised a dead Celestial, also known as the Progentior, out of the Arctic Sea. Since they couldn't bring the being back to life, they set it up on the North Pole and gave it to the Avengers to use as a base of operations.

In other words, all of the Avengers are now living and working inside the body of a dead Celestial at the very top of the globe.

Midway through the issue, Ghost Rider, who communicated with these Celestials, explains to the rest of the team why the Celestial was offered to them.

"The Progentior. The first Celestial to ever visit the Earth," he explained. "The one whose death gave birth to us all. They can't bring it back to life after so long, but they don't want it to be buried anymore. It belongs in the sun. Shining like a beacon at the top of the world it helped forge. A beacon of hope, and of the wonders of life. And a warning about what'll happen if anyone ever tries to stomp those out."

avengers north pole celestial
(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

After Robbie Reyes reveals how the base came about, Tony Stark and T'Challa take a walk through the inner channels of their new home.

"What you see around you is the desiccated, armored corpse of an Alpha Celestial who died four billion years ago and rose from the Arctic Sea floor in the form of a mountain just last Tuesday," said T'Challa. "It does not come with 'Rooms.' Ventricles and cavities, perhaps."

"The finest architects from Wakanda have been working for days with technicians from Captain Marvel's Alpha Flight to make this mountain livable. They call this the Spinal Lift."

While Avengers Tower has long been a staple of Marvel Comics, it pales in comparison to the team's new Celestial digs.


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