Did Marvel Just Reveal Its New Avengers Team?

Marvel Comics may have just offered a sneak peek at the next generation of Avengers.The publisher [...]

Marvel Comics may have just offered a sneak peek at the next generation of Avengers.

The publisher sent out their April 2018 solicitations today. These include the solicitations for the final four chapters of "No Surrender" in Avengers #687-690.

The solicitation text for Avengers #690 promises that the end of this story is the end of an era for the Avengers and the beginning of something new. Many have suspected that this means a new roster for the Avengers, condensing a handful of teams operating over the past few years into a single lineup. InHyuk Lee's variant cover for the issue may reveal what the lineup looks like.

Lee's variant features a group of six Avengers: Falcon, Sunspot, Rogue, Hulk, Beast, and Voyager [EDIT: We neglected to mention the Wasp perched on Beast's finger, which makes seven Avengers in total]. Could this be the new team lineup?

There may be a simpler explanation. This cover could be a celebration the conclusion of "No Surrender" rather than the dawn of the new era of Avengers. Falcon, Rogue, and Sunspot led the three Avengers squads whose books were merged for the weekly "No Surrender" event. Voyager is a new character being introduced in "No Surrender." The Hulk returning from the dead is a major plot point of "No Surrender." The only character without an obvious callout from "No Surrender" is Beast, who is drawn with a dated character design. Beast only joined up with Rogue's Uncanny Avengers squad just before "No Surrender" began, so perhaps he has a key role to play before the story ends.

The main cover to Avengers #690 features Captain America alone. With the movie Avengers: Infinity War just around the corner, many fans expect Marvel to create an Avengers roster featuring classic Avengers characters who are recognizable to movie fans in time for Avengers #700 to hit later this year. If this does end up being the new Avengers squad, it will be quite a curveball from Marvel.

Check out the Avengers #690 variant cover and solicitation text below.

Avengers 690 Variant
(Photo: InHyuk Lee)

COVER BY Mark Brooks
End of an Era Variant by Chris Sprouse
Variant COVER by InHyuk Lee


The battle is over, and those left standing in the rubble have to find a way to move forward. As an era of the Avengers comes to a close, what will rise to take its place?

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